EDIZIONE STRAORDINARIA Special Edition Heart by Mauro Bassani

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Available in English editions*

DESIGNER: Mauro Bassani

These Unique and highly collectable ceramic hearts can be displayed on your wall as an awe inspiring decorative collage or as display pieces to dress up table surfaces to shelving’s around the home and garden.

A gift for special occasions as an alternative or combination to the customary chocolate and flowers to teddy bears and poetry for exceptional days like Valentine’s Day, Mothers day, Anniversaries and so on is where this piece really takes its (Heart) shape.

Visit our Heart gallery section on Clooci.com for the full range of Ceramic Hearts Each heart has been specially commissioned for our Heart Gallery collection by world renowned designers, artists and poets. Due to the success of these works more designers are adding to our collection.

Each Heart comes in a hand blinded box for the perfect presentation.

* Size

* Width: 5 inches / 12cm
* Depth: 2 inches / 6cm
* Height: 4 inches / 10cm

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