Educational Human Skeleton Wall Stickers

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Did you know…?
You are born with over 270 bones but as you grow older some of these will fuse together and an average adult has around 206 bones in their skeleton. At less than 3mm long, the smallest bone in the human body is the stapes bone located in the ear. Your bones are constantly regenerating, replacing old cells with newer and stronger ones. This means that no bone in your body will ever be more than 20 years old.

This educational Human Skeleton wall sticker is the perfect accessory for any budding doctor in the family. The expertly sketched life size skeleton depicts all of the bones in the human body and is ideal for decorating the bedroom, classroom or study of a potential medical student!

Our Science wall stickers aren’t just decorative, they’re educational too. This wall sticker comes as 18 separate pieces and instructions on how to fit them together to create a full skeleton.

This pack contains 1x 18-piece set that builds a Human Skeleton measuring 60cm x 140cm.

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Manufacturer The Binary Box
Dimensions 74 x 88 cm


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