Envelope Angel®

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We think reusing padded envelopes is a brilliant idea. Some of them are not easily recyclable and anyway, why recycle them if you can send them on another journey. Envelope angel is a label set that lets you re-address a used envelope with smart address and sender labels that lets the recipient know you are an envelope saviour, (not just a skin-flint). The set consists of an address and a sender label.

Envelope angel:

Approximately 100 label pairs (address label and sender label) per dispenser.
is the stylish and easy way to reuse envelopes
comes in a recycled cardboard pack that doubles as a smart desktop dispenser.
consists of a separate address and sender label
sender label is sized to cover the original postage (or can be used to re-seal the envelope)
self adhesive, no licking required
keeps it close to home. Designed and made in Britain

Blue Marmalade Ltd.

Blue Marmalade®

Blue Marmalade® live light live bright™

We are Trent and Tom and we set up Blue Marmalade because we believe that good design can help us all live a more enjoyable less wasteful life.  How? By creating eco-friendly products that are as interesting witty challenging and full of life as our customers. Products that people not only want to buy but that we know they’ll want to keep for a long time. And by doing it all in a way that keeps our own footprint as light as possible – local production sustainable materials all production cast-offs re-used and products flat-packed for transport yet straight forward to put together.
So back in 2002 why did two furniture designers pack in their jobs to go it alone? Because every home needs to be filled with products that people love and we wanted to create those products. Important to us is not just the product itself but the process that brings it into existence. It is this often unseen and neglected side that we wanted to do differently and do better. The established ways that bring us the products we buy is perhaps not always the best and we think that just because everyone else does things one way is no reason to follow suit. That is why we set about designing products that are less harmful to produce and building a manufacturing loop that is as clean eco and efficient as we can make it. Because there’s a better way to do things so lets get it right right from the start!
Here’s to a lighter brighter world for us all.


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