Espresso Cups- Set of 2 'reusable' vending cups

Product Description

Instantly recognisable, these classic little bone china cups are perfect for your daily fix. Small and easily stackable they?re easy to store, look great and are far more practical than their throwaway plastic equivalent. Ideal for coffee lovers and curious ceramic enthusiasts everywhere!



Curious Ceramics Handmade in England.

We're a little bit obsessed with nice things. Things that make us look twice. Things that we'd like to own look at and touch.

With that in mind at indigomoss we painstakingly design and produce curious wares for your home thoughtful jewellery and inspired gifts.

The inspiration for our designs comes from the everyday whether that's wearing an unconventional  charm on your necklace or drinking your espresso from a vending cup made of fine china. We like quirky.

We also believe in sustainability and fairtrade and supporting home-grown design and manufacture so we do everything from design to prototypes to production right here in the UK.

Our ethos is simple: contemporary conscientious design with handmade Charm.


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