Facing Koi Wall Light

Product Description

In Japan a ?koi?, or carp fish, is a symbol of love, friendship, and male strength. In China, it?s a sign of wealth, success and prosperity, with the double fish representing marital bliss and joyous unions. In Buddhism the twin fish represents good fortune, strength of purpose, and courage in the face of adversity.

Humans ?swim? through the ?ocean of suffering? without fear, just as fish swim through water. It is also a refusal to conform to society expectations, like a ?koi? travels upstream against the current.

The current Age of Pisces marks a search for spiritual wisdom. The five colours present in the tassel embody the principles of the Five Great Buddhas associated with the five delusions of human nature: ignorance (white), anger (blue), selfishness (red), greed (yellow) and envy (green).

Material: Turquoise Perspex
Installation Options: directly onto wiring on the wall, or using transparent cable, switch and plug provided
40W bulb: supplied
Dimensions: Width: 65 cm, Height: 40 cm
Shadow Projection: Width: 115 cm, Height: 100 cm




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