Faux Fur Monster Bean Bag


Product Description

What’s that coming over the hill…? It’s THE MONSTER!

As the name suggests, the Monster range is HUGE!

The dimensions are:

(Length x Width x Height)
Huge 140cm x 140cm x 100cm
Standard 110cm x 110cm x 100cm

The Faux Fur Monster Bean Bag takes bean bags to an altogether new level! Feel like a kid again… Remember when Curly Wurlys seemed endless and bean bags were as big as your dad? This bean bag is the daddy: sleep in it, play in it or go for romantic walks in it!

The Faux Fur Monster Bean Bag has been designed and developed using Cad Cam technology. Loosely filled, it moulds to the body making it incredibly supportive and comfortable… it may just revolutionise your opinion of the beanbag!

BE WARNED! They aren’t big, THEY’RE GINORMOUS. Please ensure that you have measured the space and then allow a little bit more!

All of our Faux Fur bean bags are made from a high quality, fire retardant Faux Fur.

Fashionable and luxurious, these bean bags add softening and sensuous texture to your home decor. Either curl up on a long pile plain Faux Fur bean bag or relax on one made from a short pile animal print Faux Fur – The choice is yours!

Additional Information

Manufacturer Precision Stitching
Dimensions 90 x 175 cm


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