Faux Leather Chair Bean Bag


Product Description

The Faux Leather Chair Bean Bag is the ultimate in self indulgence. It has been designed as a big recliner beanbag that is also a super supportive bucket chair. These beanbags are perfect for flaking out in front of the TV or some serious gaming. The secret is in the ‘Teardrop’ scoop! Once you’ve broken these bean bags in, they’re hard to beat for comfort and style!

The dimensions are:

Small 70cm Diameter
Medium 80cm Diameter
Large 90cm Diameter
XL 115cm front to back x 90cm wide
XXL 115cm front to back x 125cm wide

As an option the complete Chair range is also available unfilled. This allows you to slip the cover over existing beanbags or use your existing bean fill to give a fresh look. Cost effective and environmentally friendly.

Made from a high-strength fire-retardant Vinyl fabric, our Faux Leather bean bags simply scream elegance without the price tag of our Real Leather beanbags.

They are also extremely easy to wipe down, making them ideal for homes where kids might accidentally spill their favourite soft drink on them!

Additional Information

Manufacturer Precision Stitching
Dimensions 80 x 70 x 60 cm


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