Faux Suede Ingot Bean Bag

Product Description

The Faux Suede Ingot Bean Bag puts an unusual spin on the beanbag – A generous disc of ‘Bean-Tastic’ comfort that can be molded into a number of shapes. Laid flat, the ‘Disc Of Pleasure’ will deliver the maximum surface area to share or self indulge; throw it on to its side and it becomes a funky yet mega comfortable beanbag chair!

All sizes give full access to top up your beanbags with extra beans when they are hungry! But remember, when on its side “Less is more!”.

The dimensions are:

Small 70cm Diameter
Medium 90cm Diameter
Large 110cm Diameter
XL 130cm Diameter

Less beans = more spread = more comfort. Play with it… We think you’ll like it.

BE WARNED! These bean bags are BIG!! Please ensure that you have measured the space.

Our Faux Suede bean bags are designed to look and feel indistinguishable from real suede, but have the advantage of being low maintenance, easy clean and stain repellent.

The Faux Suede is extremely soft, “warmth giving” and has a defined “grain,” so that rubbing the fabric in one direction yields a different texture and colour tone than rubbing it in another.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Precision Stitching
Dimensions 90 x 175 cm


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