Floral Crop Frill Top


Product Description

Floral Crop Frill Top, 100% Cotton Blend body, 100% linen trim. Ethically made in London. Sustainably sourced fabrics. Limited addition!

House of Bilimoria

House of Bilimoria is a luxury fashion lifestyle brand based in Wembley. All items are handmade in our studio, with time, care and love. Making use of traditional tailoring techniques we craft each piece individually.

Luxurious handmade upcycled fashion, accessories and interiors that can be a part of a timeless style for years to come.

House of Bilimoria is a Luxury Handmade in London label. Working with sustainably sourced materials, which are upcycled into timeless pieces for your wardrobe. Founded by Designer Shilpa Bilimoria, who has a love for world textiles, craft and artisans.


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