Foxy Flowers | Tea Set

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We like to be “Neo-Romantic” and create exclusive, luxurious designs and products which add a magical twist of nostalgia and beauty to your everyday life.
Foxy Flowers’s originates from our Wallpaper designs.
4 colours + 24 carat gold details | Fine Bone China | Made in UK
Tea cup: 9cm x 7.5cm x 11.5cm with handle
Saucer: 14.2cm
Plate: 20.3cm
None of our products are mass produced, making each product a unique piece!
All our Products including Tea Sets or other ceramic based products can be produced as a customised product.
Colours,materials,shape,patterns,everything can be tailored to your needs!
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Elli Popp

Elli Popp

Elli Popp’s birth - our philosophy and services:
Customised exclusive repeat and mural surface design.

2007 saw the blossoming of the independent designer brand Elli Popp through Katja Behre
Designer and Creative Director of Elli Popp.
Elli Popp’s work features a range of neo-romantic designs blended with the balancing use of
colour shape and theme.
Influenced by nature Elli Popp offers a nostalgic relief through elegant yet contemporary
motifs within an ever urbanising modern world.
One of Elli Popp’s continuing philosophies is to create designs and products specific to the
client’s requests and needs.
All our designs are tailored to meet specific requests whilst allowing an exploration into
changing themes sizes colours and repeats.
In cases where the client would like a more personal and bespoke design Elli Popp works in
collaboration and closely with the client on their brief bringing to fruition the initial intent of
the clients desire.

Wallpaper Ceramic and Fabric information:
We like to keep our wallpapers custamisable and exclusive therefore we print every order individually
so all our designs can be tailored to our clients specifications.

We offer a fully customised service in the following mediums:
* Wallpapers
* Fabrics i.e. suitable for soft furnishing and upholstery
* Ceramics i.e. Tea Set Tiles for walls and floor

We can customise our repeat and mural wallpapers including:
* change in colours
* change in details
* change in size of designs and repeats/scale
* work on a brief and either create a fully custom made design
* exchange details take details out or put extra in

You can choose between 4 different papers:
* Mica (slightly firbe textured pearlescent finish)
* Non Woven (smooth matt finish)
* Pearl+Non Woven (smooth pearlescent finish)
* Vinyl (slightly embossed finish suitable for wet rooms and exterior)

All our designs can be printed on high quality ‘Contract Vinyl’ which comes
in different backings textures and the option between matt and
pearlescent finish.


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