Galaxy Quote Kitchen Wall Sticker


Product Description

50 x 11 cm

The new graphic design and advertising studio Hommu Studio has created #stickmytweet, an original way to introduce the new Hommu’s product range. Its main value: making people join to create new wall decals trough their tweets.

If you want to participate, just write the phrase you’d most like to decorate your walls with on Twitter, using the hashtag If your phrase has been selected, #stickmytweet will contact you through Twitter, providing you with a link to you can share with all your friends.

At the close of the running edition (once per month), the Hommu team will add up all the votes coming in for each phrase. The phase most voted will be the winner and its creator will receive its tweet turned into wall sticker for free. Each tweet will be designed by Hommu design Team. All winning tweets will be available for only 17,50 GBP Enjoy!


Tweeted by: the_spacemonkey on April 2011


Hommu: quirky wall stickers made in Barcelona

Here at Hommu® we are all about offering your home a breath of fresh air. You will find ideas and complements for happy positive people just like you; messages and concepts that you can identify with and that make you feel good. Definitively what we offer are small creative tools to craft a smile on your face whatever day it is.

We believe that the home is where we really feel our true selves where we truly behave like the people we really are. We want the space you have or share with others to become an even more special place. Personalise your space! Share it with your friends. This is your house.

Welcome to Hommu®!


Make your home truly yours

The home is one of those features that help define who we are the most. Once you cross the threshold after a long day you throw your keys to one side the jacket to the other and quickly move to kick off your workday shoes. A familiar smell makes you forget everything else. No doubt if you think about it for a moment there’s a corner of your home that’s just for you: that dent in the sofa where you always sit; a kitchen chair; the desk where you surf the web; the right side of the bed…

Here at Hommu® we want that space you have and share to become an even more special place. Make your space yours more than ever. Share it with your guests.

You’re home at last!


What matters most to us: Quality Ecology Creativity

At Hommu® we’re not just about selling you a pretty design. We want to share millions of ideas with you ideas to complement people like you positive people people who love to live. Making your house a real home is not just a matter of decorating it with furniture.

At Hommu® we offer a breath of fresh air in the form of decorative details and tools for your own creation.
Messages and concepts you can identify with that make you feel good that can bring out that smile no matter what kind of day you’ve had.

That is our goal.


We are environmentally friendly.

They say ‘there are many worlds but they all exist in this one’ and they’re right; we do have one world and we have to respect it.

At Hommu® we make a commitment to contribute to the work of making this planet a sustainable balanced and healthy home. For that reason we have decided to work only with those suppliers who manufacture according to the criteria of environmental sustainability and social responsibility. We only use top quality 100% recyclable material for both our products and their packaging.

This is our work philosophy.


Shipping Details

Shipping from : Spain

Dispatch Time : 3-5 working days

Country Cost Delivery Time
United Kingdom £14.99 3-5 working days
Europe £12.99 3-5 working days


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