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Crystal Glass
Mouth-blown in the Giant Mountains of Bohemia.

The GAUGE Vase takes on the behaviour of the flower. The weight of the water holds the vase upright. The vase ‘wilts’ as the flower drinks the water, letting us know that it needs watering.

Something is lost when we bring flowers indoors. The flowers are no longer animated by a breeze because the vase holds them rigid. The flowers cannot properly wilt when they are dying because the vase keeps them straight.

A gauge, in science, is an instrument that measures and gives a visual display of the amount, level, or contents of something. The GAUGE vase indicates the level of remaining water, by the angle of the vase’s neck.

Like any vase, the GAUGE Vase can be knocked over. Unlike any other vase, the GAUGE Vase will spring back up. It is designed for leaning and swaying and will return to where it best balances – upright when fully watered, tilting when thirsty.

The narrow neck limits the number of flowers so it does not over-balance.

The vase can pirouette and dance. It invites people to play… because the water moves inside – sometimes following, sometimes leading the sway of the glass – an irregular movement is created, reminiscent of flowers dancing in a breeze.



Head designer Jim Rokos explores the physical properties of materials to generate aesthetic intriguing concepts. Rokos creates products of exceptional quality made without compromise at any stage of the process from design to manufacture. Rokos won the prestigious 2012 Reddot award for the 13° 60° 104° Wine Decanter.


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