Gecko Rack

Product Description

A rack designed in the shape of a typical Israeli gecko, which is popular in Israeli homes. The gecko is considered a sign of good luck and its presence is welcome in the home.

The rack is made of laser-cut quality metal and is easily connected to the wall using two concealed screws.

The gecko’s tail is used for hanging small items, like towels, various accessories, bags, etc.

This is a rack but also a design item that represents a friendly and popular Israeli creature that breathes life into bare walls, creates an ambience, and radiates good luck.

It is recommended to combine two or more geckos to generate an intriguing and special design effect.

Size: 18 cm length, 9 cm width (7.1″X 3.5″).

Weight: 90 gr. (3.17 Ounces)

Additional Information

Manufacturer Artori Design
Materials Metal
Weight 0.09 kg
Dimensions 9 x 18 cm
Artori Design

Artori design


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