Glow in the Dark Initial Pillowcase Set

Product Description

High Viz technology meets comfy bed linen with Twisted Twee’s ultra modern reflective letters.

These pillowcases use the latest micro-bead reflective technology – normally only found in road safety-wear – to create a stunning effect in the bedroom. By day, the material used to create the initials is a soft, sheeny metallic grey By night, the letters will beam out of the darkness when a light is cast upon them, in the same way that a road sign will light up when illuminated by a car headlamp.

The first image shows the cases at night and the second image shows what they look like in daylight.

Please send us a message to let us know which two letters you would like.

Twisted Twee

Twisted Twee

Twisted Twee design and make eccentric pieces of Object D'aft for children and adults. Everything we make is completely original totally useful extremely beautiful utterly affordable and wholly durable. You won't find the things we make in ASDA!


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