Gold Matchstick Earrings


Product Description

Gold plated, Sterling silver matchstick earrings each packaged in a unique lucky dip vintage matchbox.

Length: 10mm

Additional Information

Manufacturer Sharlala Jewellery
Materials Gold Plated Silver
Dimensions 1 cm
Sharlala Jewellery

Working mostly in precious metal with some mixed media, all Sharlala Jewellery is handcrafted by Sharla Donovan, at her East London studios.
NZ born, long term resident of London, Sharla, of Sharlala Jewellery, began her journey in early 2000.
Designing, crafting and teaching jewellery making, is where that journey is now.
Having always had an eye for design, originally focused on photography, Sharla produces contemporary and unique, comfortably worn pieces.
Inspired by shape and form, feelings and textures, functionality and the processes involved in metalwork.
With a blend of the iconic edged imagery that are anchors, pistols, skulls and the like, alongside more sleek, modern designs, there is something to suit everyone.
Sharlala Jewellery also applies careful consideration and a personal touch to commissions.


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