Golden Chamber Wallpaper Mural

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Product Description

Part sizes:
300×210: 50×210 50×210 50×210 50×210 50×210 50×210
350×245: 50×245 50×245 50×245 50×245 50×245 50×245 50×245
400×280: 50×280 50×280 50×280 50×280 50×280 50×280 50×280 50×280

This durable, water-resistant and scratch-resistant non-woven wallpaper ‘Golden Chamber’ is perfect for easy wall application. The ‘Golden Chamber’ wallpaper mural, with its stunning golden design, makes an impressive decoration for any room.

Non-woven wallpapers are applied with glue – the 100% non-woven material covers all slight surface imperfections. It creates a warming, protective layer and allows the wall to breathe. Water-resistant print is highly durable.

High quality print:
Digital quality print with 600 DPI resolution, in Xeikon technology and in vivid colours makes non-woven wallpaper enlarge your room.
Simple mounting:
Wallpaper consists of 50cm wide pieces, which makes the applying convenient.
Eco-friendly and safe:
Made from safe materials, we would also recommend the mural for bedrooms and children’s rooms.
Safe wrapping:
Wallpaper is rolled and packed into paperboard tube, which ensures safety in transport. Each tube with wallpaper includes glue instruction.
Basis weight: 120 g/m2
Roll width: 50 cm
Printing technique: laser printing (thermally hardened print)
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