Grandfather Clock

Product Description

My lovely Dad inspired this clock. Listening to him talk about being a grandfather made me picture this very minimal and contemporary version of a traditional grandfather clock.
I got him to pose wearing a cap and holding a stick to make sure he looked the part and then drew his silhouette.
I personally make each of these clocks to order from my north Dublin design studio using solid alderwood. They each measure 10.5cm across and are 25cm tall.
The almost silent clock mechanism is a quality UTS, RoHs approved German made quartz mechanism which requires an AA alkaline battery.
Each clock comes nestled in a beautiful black gift box.
Its simple form has won it much acclaim and it has been written about and featured in a huge number of design magazines and National newspapers.
The clock mechanisms come with a 12 month warranty.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Jenny Walsh Design
Materials Alderwood
Dimensions 0.5 x 10.5 x 25 cm
Jenny Walsh Design

Jenny Walsh Design

Irish made interior products designed to make you smile. I like to create storytelling pieces. Functional usable objects with a narrative people can connect to. I often start with the story in mind that I’m trying to tell rather than the objects function. Then strip the design back to its most basic elements keeping just enough detail for the piece to say what I want it to say. I hope that people can connect to the personalities and characters in what I do and see their own friends and family in the shapes and stories. That way they can bond with the piece and really enjoy having it in their home. Above all I want to design things that will make people smile. Objects that can even just for a second brighten up someone’s day. Clock Making First the outlines are cut by a local engraver. Then Jenny hand makes every clock adding white paint to the lettering clock mechanisms and hands. Jenny’s Dad also likes to help out every now and again especially when it comes to making the Grandfather clocks which he modelled for! The clocks are all lovingly wrapped in tissue paper and placed on a bed of ‘eco-foam’ in their recycled cardboard boxes ready for their new homes.


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