Grow a message Beans talk Pod

Product Description

No soil, no watering, and no effort needed, the Beanstalk magically grows beans which pop up a special message to your surprised bewilderment.

The wonderful Beanstalk system contains:

4 packets of water beads (Red, Blue, Yellow and Green): Odourless, biodegradable and re-usable, the water beads are truly marvelous, it is an innovative and colourful substitute for soil. No Fuss, No Mess and Beautiful. By adding water, it expands up to 200x its original size, and provide all the water and support needed for your beans to root. Only one packet is needed to fill a whole beanstalk bowl!

4 magical beans with messages and pictures laser etched into it which will continue to enlarge as the beans grow. Just plant the seed into the water beads and less than two weeks later, everyone will be astonished by the special messages, which say “BeansTalk” and a smiley face making the Beanstalk an ideal gift for all budding amateur gardeners.

Beanstalk Pod: an award winning pod which is transparent to provide clear vision. It is specially designed for incubation of the plant and allowing condensation of water to self water the system and beans.

Note: This product comes with 1 Pod, 4 water bead packs and 4 magic beans (Joy, Happy, Fun, Hi with smiley faces) These packs are suitable for everyone (6+).

W15cm x L15cm x H17cm

Add extra messages with the extra bean message packs for 1 pound! Each pack contains 5 beans

Packs Available (extra 1 pound):

Angel Pack: Faith (Dove) Peace (Peace) Hope (Hope) Love (Heart) Joy (Smiley)

Birthday Pack: Happy Birthday (Cake) Happy Birthday (Cake) BestWishes(WineGlass) Congrats (Wine Glass) Surprise (Star)

Cheeky Pack: Hug Me (Teddy Bear) Kiss Me (Lips) Squeeze Me (Hand) Feed Me (Apple) Tickle Me (Hand)

Family Pack: Mum (Heart) Dad (Sun) Me (Smiley) Home (House) Family (House)

Fortune Pack: Lucky (Sun) Wealthy (£EUR$) Healthy (Apple) Happy (Smiley) Rich (£EUR$)

Friends Pack: Friend (Smiley) Forever (Sun) Thanks (Flower) Joy (Smiley) Hi (Smiley)

Happy Pack: Happy (Smiley) Smile (Smiley) Joy (Smiley) Relax (Smiley) Fun (Smiley)

Love Pack: I Love You (Heart) I Miss You (Heart) Only You (Heart) Forever (Sun) Thanks (Flower)

Motivation Pack: Yes! (Tick) Good Luck (Thumbs) Congrats (Wine Glass) Go!Go!Go! (Rocket) BestWishes(WineGlass)

Nasty Pack: Idiot (Smiley) Fish Face (Fish) Shut Up (Lips) Dumbo (Sun) Lazy Bone (ZzZz)

Sorry Pack: I (Heart) Just (Heart) Want (Heart) To Say (Heart) Sorry (Heart)

Text Pack: Lol (Smiley) OK (Lips) IDK (Hand) WTF(Apple) OMG (Hand)




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