Hammered metallic bronze Umbrella Walking stick Stand

Product Description

This is an unusual design of heavy duty umbrella or walking stick stand. The spiral body of the stand allows the display of its contents, along with the practicality of holding wet brollies. Gorgeous in a porch or hallway. The spiral is made from 10mm diameter steel which stands 600mm tall (just under 2-feet). The outside diameter of the spiral is 146mm (just under 6-inches). This allows four umbrellas to be stored quite comfortably. The foot of the stand is around 255mm (10-inches) across at the widest point. The foot is made from five steel rings which have been welded to form a simple flower-like shape. A dished metal waterlily is welded to the foot of the stand and is highlighted in copper. This lily holds the bottom of the umbrellas/sticks in place – and can contain water which may drain from wet brollies. The whole stand has been powder coated in a gorgeous lustrous metallic hammered bronze finish. This is more than an umbrella/walking stick stand, it is a piece of interior design at a High Street price.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Cool Engineered Art
Materials Powder coated mild steel
Dimensions 28.5 x 24.5 cm


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