Product Description

Inspired by Japanese patterns and fireworks, the Sawako Furuno Hanabi is our classic design.

Soft & elegant, this helmet uses a versatile light cream tone overlaid with beautiful grey graphic shapes.

The gentle nature of the design works with various hair colours, complexions and outfits. Iconic and good looking.

This helmet’s important specs are:
• One size female M (typically 52~58cm) with dial-to-fit size adjuster
• Complies with European standard CE EN1078 and American CPSC.
• Beautiful matte finish
• 11 air vents to keep your head cool

Sawako Furuno

Sawako Furuno Cycling Helmets

Sawako Furuno is a cycle accessory and clothing label for urban female cyclists enabling them to look good both on and off street without compromising their safety.

Our current cycling helmet collection has 7 fabulous Helmet designs.

New original 'scooter' type helmets with peak and trim are added to the improved 'classic' range.

They are all exclusive and limited in number for individually fashionable ladies.

Our helmets are compliant with European and American safety standards.


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