Hand crochet dollies


Product Description

hand crafted little twins by using our soft eco-friendly bamboo yarns.
The twins are full of characters, they might look the same but they are very different . However, one thing they have in common is to dress up or have their hair done up.
They are wonderful little friends for little girls. They will come to your tea party or go on picnic with you. You will take them on your holidays or Grandmas’.
There are so many things you can do together…

measurement: Approx 28cm
For safety reason those shoes and hair band are fixed onto the dollies

70% bamboo 30% egyptian cotton

30 degrees wash
MUST tie their hair up if you would like to wash them in machines

Attic Textiles



At Attic we aim to source only the best organic and sustainable textiles and to use as little energy as possible. Most of our products are beautifully hand-made and each item has its own particular charm and character. Some of our collections are limited editions that make them even more unique. We believe that the attic baby range is one of the most inspiring and natural baby collections in the UK. Quality and attention to detail are the principles of attic as a brand. Its designs are exquisite classic and very comfortable to wear.


All our yarns are certified organic by OCIA and Oeko-Tex 100. Organic bamboo forests are managed under strict FSC certification.




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