Hand made personalised stackable sterling silver Rings

Product Description

Sterling silver rings.

You get two skinny rings that are made from 16 gauge, you get two other plain slightly hammered bands and then to top it all of you get one band stamped with the words you want.

the outside if the ring is stamped with your choice of words and dots around the band. The word is your choice. maximum letters is about 18 letters.

Let me know what size your ring size is .
These rings can be made in half and full sizes.
A set of stackables of five rings are made slightly bigger then you ring size to accomodate all rings.
So just let me know your ring size and i will make accordingly.
Also let me know what you want stamped on to the ring.

The great thing about this set is you can truly mix and match or just wear one skinny or the stamped band depending on how you feel.

Simple but a little brilliant.

Coolabah Charms

Coolabah Charms

I am an Australian Jewellery Designer creating personalised Jewellery peices

I work in sterlign silver mainly and am always creating new works.

I hope you find something you like.

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