Handcrafted Aluminium Smoothly Curved Bowl (30 cm)


Product Description

A smooth and elegant piece. This bowl is expertly sand casted from aluminium and then polished to give a beautiful shiny finish that is similar to silver. Whether for serving a wide variety of dishes to your guests or as a character piece for your home, the Smoothly Curved Bowl is a wonderful addition to any room it is placed in. An unusually designed piece, its individual shape and feel make it a fabulous gift.

It does not require regular polishing. Warm water and a mild dish washer liquid are absolutely fine for cleaning these pieces. But, you can use an aluminium cleaning product to enhance the bowl’s appearance. Abrasive sponges and traditional household cleaning products should be avoided, as should the dishwasher. These pieces need to be hand washed and towel dried.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Mayalma
Materials Aluminium
Dimensions 30 cm



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