Hanging Flower Light Shade LOTUS

Product Description

Add a unique feature to your home or work space with the Hanging Flower Light Shades. Choose from Snow and Lily, which are available in white and in two sizes, or the brighter and colourful Lotus designs.

Hang individually around the home in hallways, entrance lobbies, studies, nurseries or bedrooms – or create a memorable feature space above a breakfast table or on a landing with a group of flowers.

Choose a style and size to suit your taste: smaller light shades are popular for most interior spaces, while larger sizes work well with higher ceilings or large rooms. White is the tone which almost always works – or add a dash of colour to an interior with Lotus, which are available in white, yellow, grey, red or black.

White – Bright, white light below, lighter above shade.
Grey – Bright, white light below, darker above shade.
Black – Bright, white light below, darkest above shade.
Yellow – Bright, warm yellow-white light below, stronger yellow above shade. Summery yellow light.
Red – Bright, warm red-white light below, stronger red above shade. Warm rouge light.

Lotus: 33cm high x 48cm wide

Flat pack design: 10 to 20 minutes to crease and clip together. For use with energy saving bulb 20 Watt MAX. All light shade designs fit on top of ceiling hung pendant light fittings.


Additional Information

Manufacturer Yorke Design
Materials Polypropylene
Dimensions 10.5 x 14.5 cm
Yorke Design Ltd

Yorke Design

A stunning set of light shade designs hang our flowers in a lobby hallway study nursery dining room lounge or bedroom. Alternatively create a feature space with a group of flowers above a breakfast table on a landing or elsewhere in the home. Choose from ambient medium or bright light.


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