Happy Birthday Old Fart (Hidden Words)


Product Description

The Hidden Words: Happy Birthday (You Old Fart) was designed in collaboration with John Green.

JollySmith bring to you the Hidden Words greetings card range. These cards are ideal for any time that you want to cleverly conceal a message in a card, because sometimes the things you don’t see straight away are more pleasing when you do.

Everyone loves to have a dig at an older relative or friend when it gets to their birthday. What better way to do it than to conceal your dig so that they can only read it from a far, and if you’re lucky they may not notice until you have left their house!

Up close the loving “Happy Birthday” message is visible and will bring a smile to the recipients face until they place it on their mantel piece and discover the cheeky secondary message hidden in the card’s eye catching triangular pattern.

All cards are printed in the UK from a sustainable source and supplied individually packaged in a cello bag with a white envelope

Additional Information

Manufacturer John Green
Materials Card
Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 15 x 15 cm

JollySmith Design

JollySmith are a product design company specialising in household giftware with a particular focus on products useful in the kitchen. All our products and packaging are manufactured in the United Kingdom because supporting British manufacturers is important to us here at JollySmith.






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