Hearts and Kisses, Sticky Gift Tape


Product Description

hearts and kisses, sticky gift tape.

kissing bear gift tape…

Our tape makes for the perfect finishing touch be it a wedding, anniversary, valentines or just because present it is sure to raise a smile…and thats before they even see the fantastic present inside!

The tape is versitile and suits all ages from young to old!

there are three designs in the tapes including party hats, love and kisses and santa and elf.




33 metres long by 25mm wide

heather alstead design

Heather Alstead Design

York based designer Heather Alstead creates unique ranges of products that are designed to enhance the world around us whilst also retaining a sense of humour.

Passionate about British design and home grown sourced materials her work reflects her unique personal style impeccable eye for detail and enthusiasm for quality materials and well made products. Inspiration is taken from every aspect of her life from classic British literature to subverting the well known.

There is more to her products than meets the eye with hidden meanings and unique design details thoughtfully concealed throughout.




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