Product Description

A belt is a belt is a belt? Think again.

Our belts are made of up-cycled fire hoses. The material has been written off by fire departments, but it’s still strong enough to take 20 bar pressure – in belt terms that’s about as much as eating 40 Christmas dinners at once.

The belts are adjustable and come in two lengths – M 105 cm (appr. 28-34” jeans) and L 120 cm (appr. 34-38” jeans). The width of the belt is 1.6″ (4 cm) which is standard for almost all jeans and most trousers.

The fire hoses we use for Hero belts are supply and relay hoses which are used to bring water from distant sources closer to the fire. Most of the red fire hoses served their first lifetime in Norway and gray ones in Estonia, before we turned them into belts.

Each belt is unique. Due to the nature of the material some belts have markings or signs of their previous life on them – but every single one looks great.


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