Product Description

Write, erase and write again on the hungry lunch bags! Mary’s lunch”, “Love, mum”, “Don’t touch THIS”…
To erase simply rinse under cold water. Doesn’t need soap.

Five different animals want to eat your lunch!

WILLY (RED) the fishy never eats fish!
DEE (ORANGE) the singing chick: sing to her before eating.
VINNY (YELLOW) the veggie worm… olny green stuff for him!
B.E.A. (GREEN) the boss eater alien: feed it every Monday at 8.00 am.
MARK (WHITE) the dark loves super colorful candy!

Additional Information

Manufacturer 24DIENTES
Materials Polyester (outside)/ Polypropylene (inside)
Weight 0.004 kg
Dimensions 0.2 x 25 x 0.2 cm


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