I Is Risen t shirt in blue

Product Description

If you wake up late, pongy and inarticulate, this t shirt will make people hate you a bit less.

Bit of a must for those near and dear ones who drag themselves awake at the crack of noon to raid the fridge. This t shirt hovers between the dual purposes of a day-time t shirt and a night-time shroud.

This is a climate neutral ‘FairWear’ product made from a mixture of organic cotton and naturally sustainable bamboo. It is disarmingly soft and feels fantastic. (Those really tactile garbs you find in pricy yoga retreats – they’re made from this stuff!)

Additional Information

SKU TWIS-risenblue
Manufacturer Twisted Twee Limited
Materials 70% bamboo fibre, 30% organic cotton
Dimensions 20 x 14 cm
Twisted Twee

Twisted Twee

Twisted Twee design and make eccentric pieces of Object D'aft for children and adults. Everything we make is completely original totally useful extremely beautiful utterly affordable and wholly durable. You won't find the things we make in ASDA!


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