In Retro Black/Red Cufflink

Product Description

* Sterling Silver
* Hand-painted Enamel
* Designed & Made in the UK
* Fixed bar fitting

Dickie says: These sterling silver and enamel cufflinks are perfect for guys who like their look to be retro, mod or maybe even a little gothic.

Dickie Wilkinson

Dickie Wilkinson

Dickie Wilkinson is a Designer Writer & Raconteur.

Dickie designs stuff that he likes and he likes cufflinks and men’s accessories.

As a result his collections are always very personal being inspired by his latest interests yet his work is always a paradox being both retro and modern at the same time. Dickie describes his work as being ‘new classics’.

He makes as much as possible in the UK his cufflinks are all sterling silver often using hand painted enamelling techniques.


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