Individual Swarovski Crystal Bespoke Orchid Hair Pins

Product Description

These gorgeous Swarovski crystals hair pins are a cluster of three different coloured Orchids. Handmade with crystals in the colours of your choice so that they perfectly match your outfit!

A set of THREE hairpins which are approx 30mm across, and come on a brown/black/blonde hairpin of your choice.

Available colours are …
diamond sparkle,
lemon yellow,
dark yellow topaz,
light rose,
deep red,
light red,
light sapphire,
peridot green,
jet black,
grey diamond

Blueberry Jewellery

Blueberry Jewellery

Blueberry Jewellery is design and handmade in beautiful North Devon.  
The jewellery collections focus in on the beauty and enchanting sparkle of Swarovski crystals together with Sterling Silver to create pretty & modern everyday wear to more dramatic glamorous pieces as well as stunning bridal jewellery and Swarovski hair accessories.

As well as regular additions and colour launches that keep her jewellery fresh Blueberry also offers a personal bespoke service where pieces are custom made either adaptations of current existing designs or complete bespoke designs from scratch. With the vast range of Swarovski colours available we can create the perfect jewellery and hair accessories to compliment a special outfit or of course wedding jewellery for brides and bridesmaids in the wedding colours or theme.

The great selection of colours pretty designs and custom service means Blueberry brings something unique and special that you just can’t track down on the high street the perfect pieces to complete your special day and treasure forever!


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