Indoor/Outdoor Deck Chair Bean Bag

Product Description

The Indoor/Outdoor Deck Chair Bean Bag is the best seat for basking in front of the TV or, funnily enough, in the garden! We’ve managed to recreate that chilled Deck Chair feel without the frustrating Deck Chair Setting Up. Throw it down, spud yourself into the beanbag and relax!

They are extremely supportive beanbags and oh so comfortable. The Indoor/Outdoor Deck Chair Bean Bag is filled with fine ‘virgin’ polystyrene beads which adjust around your body. Thus the bean bags support you evenly, alleviating pressure points.

With a footprint measuring 120cm x 70cm, The Indoor/Outdoor Deck Chair Bean Bag doesn’t take up much space for the comfort that it gives.

Our Indoor/Outdoor bean bags are made from a soft, shower-proof and UV Resistant material – meaning the sun and rain won’t damage them! Although perfectly suited for use outside, the Indoor/Outdoor bean bags are very comfortable and look great in any living room or bedroom.

The Indoor/Outdoor fabric is also certified to the higher Crib 5 fire rating for use in schools, medical establishments and other environments where a higher fire retardancy rating is required.

We do not recommend leaving these bean bags uncovered when it’s raining as water can still get to the beans, meaning it’ll need to dry out before its next use.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Precision Stitching
Dimensions 15.5 x 15.5 cm


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