iPad sleeve made of recycled fire hose

Product Description

One moment thousands of litres of water are flowing through you, then suddenly you have to take care of someone’s iPad. It must be weird, being a firehose. Anyway, this iPad sleeve will perfectly accommodate a tablet computer or a small book (remember them?). You can’t quite start bathing with your iPad, but because the sleeve is made of firehose, your device is well protected from a shower of rain.

Up-cycled firehose in action

Like our other products, the iPad sleeve is made of up-cycled fire hose. It’s available in red and yellow. The red fire hose has had a particularly interesting life, so the sleeves look a bit rougher, while the yellow one looks more respectable, for lack of a better word. What’s for sure is that no-one else has an iPad sleeve that looks exactly the same, and never will.


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