Jigsaw Bangle (Sterling Silver)

Product Description

Stunning Silver Jigsaw Bangle or Cuff. A fun design that we can all relate to!

Fits all size wrists and looks absolutely amazing when worn.

This Jigsaw Bangle has unique Design, is instantly noticeable and enviable! and has proved to be very popular. Like the Jigsaw ring the Jigsaw Pieces are inter-linked with each another to give an amazing Jigsaw Design. However it is extremely practical to wear and can be adjusted to vary the size. The width of the bangle is roughly 2-3cm depending on where it is measured. The bangle can fit all wrist sizes as it is easily altered by gently squeezing it in or stretching it out. The Silver is polished to an extremely high standard, as quality is very important to us. (The piece comes in a beautiful box with the designer?s name on top.)

LucyQ Designs

LucyQ Designs


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