Kitchen Chandelier

Product Description

We found these chandelier rings at a flea market in Northumberland, hung 6 ornate vintage French dessert spoons from one ring, a collection of old French kitchen utensils from another ring and placed a vintage plant pot in the lower ring this being filled with artificial moss.

The spoons and utensils were found at The Ham Fair in Chatou, Paris. The rings and utensils have been finished in a matte ash grey paint, specially mixed for us in France.

Can be used with any standard ceiling light fitting.

Measurements: 56 cms High, 23.5 cms Diamete

Ghost Furniture

Ghost Furniture

Ghost Furniture is based in the beautiful North Tyne Valley Northumberland. Taking vintage finds and turning them into new and beautiful items with a touch of 21st century eco chic.
Each piece is unique and has its own history. By using traditional techniques and new eco-friendly materials wherever possible we have brought furniture back from the dead and made it into something hauntingly beautiful.

The distinctive Ghost Furniture look has been created by using dead flat matte paints that we have sourced in France and have specially mixed for us. These paints are not available in the UK.


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