knitted merino wool baby blanket with feather pattern - rose

Product Description

Sweet little dreams of big birds come naturally with this knitted baby´s blanket with feather pattern. Awake again, you can play and fly away with it…
This soft and high quality blanket is extra warm due to its jacquard knitted double sided quality that inverts the pattern on the other side of the blanket. The handdrawn pattern by designer Ulrike Acker-Thomsen gives it a lightness and liveliness that turns it into a beautifull and unique design product. The Italian merino wool is manufactured in the South of Germany in an old established family run textile factory and the quality is outstanding. Enjoy!
colour combination: bright rose / off-white

Additional Information

Manufacturer bombdesign
Materials 100% merino wool - extra fine lambswool
Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 75 x 90 cm



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