Kozyndan Bunny Blossom Limited Edition 10.5

Product Description

This beautiful bone china set is our first full dinnerware range featuring the much loved ‘Bunny Blossom’ by American artists Kozyndan.

Each piece of the set is part of a Worldwide limited edition of just 1000. Each is sold boxed separately, sequentially numbered on the bottom stamp and each features our limited edition hologram of authenticity.

Kozyndan are Dan and Kozue Kitchens. The Los Angeles based, self proclaimed ‘Mad Scientists’ of the art world, who have made waves on the international art scene… Their motto is, and has always been, Keep It Unreal…

Since the late 1990s, their collaboration has resulted in a series of personal works that often reflect their affection – and repulsion – for the rampant urban sprawl and technological overload that characterise everyday city life. Their detailed drawings portray realistic urban panoramas, which on closer inspection often reveal absurd scenarios. In one, for example ‘Uprisings’ which pays homage to ‘The Great Wave of Kanagawa’ by Hokusai but with tons of tiny bunnies forming the crest of the wave.

This is a Limited Edition

This is a Limited Edition


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