Lapis Lazuli Necklace

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Lapis Lazuli Necklace with Hill Tribe SIlver

Katia Torralba

Katia Torralba

Katia Torralba is a partnership that takes pride in creating beautifully handcrafted pieces of exquisite jewellery inspired by the different cultures and scenery encountered on our travels.

We are passionate about semi-precious stones and constantly amazed by their beauty power and properties. We believe that a piece of jewellery should be enjoyed not only for its aesthetics but because we are drawn to the energy of the crystal.          

Nowadays we all are more aware of our relationship with our planet and there is an increasing need for our body and spirit to deepen this connection with Mother Earth.

Our unique designs are crafted for individuals who want jewellery that makes a statement about who they are. We therefore make to order and can create very personal pieces with crystals carefully selected for the holistic properties important to each client.

We hope that the love which infuses all our pieces will enhance the energy of the crystals to bring you light healing and peace.

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