Large Euro Blue Nautica - Light Shade

Large Ivory Papilion Light Shade


The Papilion Light Shade, with its rhythmic flow, was inspired by the contours of a butterflies wings.

The shapes created are soft and easy on the eye and evoke the freedom of a butterfly in flight.

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Large PapIlion measures: L50cm x W50cm x H30cm

Ivory white translucent polypropylene sheet is the material used to create this sculptural light shade, a material chosen for its quality, durability and recyclability.

Specially designed recyclable polypropylene rivets are used to hold the light shade together ? in fact it would be impossible to create the clean curves and shapes without these vital components.

The Papilion Light Shade is delivered flat-packed in 90% recycled packaging and 10% FSC accredited board for self-assembly, saving space during transit and thereby reducing carbon emissions.

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