Large Orange Nautica Light Shade

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The Nautica Light Shade is the first of a new line from Kaigami. With just a brief glimpse it's clear that this imaginative light shade takes its inspiration from the classic shapes of marine life.

The Nautica borrows its name from the seashell and so fills us with the idea of the ocean, even when we are a thousand miles away.

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Large Nautica Measures:
L 48cm x W 48cm x H 30cm

Small Nautica Measures:
L 35cm x W 35cm x H 25cm

To be used with a 60 watt equivalent energy saving bulb only.


Brilliant white translucent polypropylene sheet is the material used to create this sculptural light shade, a material chosen for its quality, durability and recyclability.

It is guaranteed to last you a lifetime.

Specially designed recyclable polypropylene rivets are used to hold the light shade together – in fact it would be impossible to create the clean curves and shapes without these vital components.

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