Large Splat Necklace (Sterling Silver)

Product Description

This absolutely Stunning Silver Splat Necklet has to be the most eye catching piece of Jewellery ever to be produced by LucyQ. When worn, the piece sits proud on the neck for everyone to see. The Necklet is highly polished and hand made by a top silversmith. The Necklet can be worn by all neck sizes as it has a feeder chain at the back suspending a small splat piece for a fabulous look behind your neck.

Dazzle everyone when wearing this absolutely amazing piece of eye-catching jewellery as this beautiful Silver Splat Necklet is a definite head turner and will transform your evening outfit. The smallest Splat pieces are at the back, each Splat increases in size and complexity reaching the largest and most dramatic piece at the front of the Necklet. The smaller Splat pieces at the back of the necklace measure roughly 1.5-2cm and the each Splat piece gradually increases in size with the largest one at the front measuring 4cm wide and 7cm long. The Shortest length is 15″ and the longest is 19″ as the Necklet has a feeder chain on the reverse to give the wearer the choice of how to wear this amazing Necklet. (This piece also comes in a fabulous designer box.)

Additional Information

Manufacturer LucyQ
Weight 0.006 kg
Dimensions 2.8 cm
LucyQ Designs

LucyQ Designs


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