Lavender Cushions - Gift Set of 3 - Indigo Crinkled Paper Print

Product Description

Digitally Printed Linen lavender cushion with contrast fabric
on the reverse. Cushion is filled
with dried lavender.

Handmade in the UK

Product Features:
Front Cover —-: 100% Linen
Back Cover—– : 100% Linen
Height —– —: 15cm
Width —– — : 15cm
Depth —– — : 1″

Suzanne Goodwin

Suzanne Goodwin

Suzanne Goodwin designs and produces textiles that combine traditional handcrafted techniques with modern technology. Her production methods are determined by her desire to develop fabrics and products that are kinder to the environment and produced ethically.

Suzanne is passionate about colour paper (folded crushed and crinkled) metallic materials performance fabrics pleating smocking and digital printing.


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