Liquid Light

Product Description

Liquid Light is an award winning wall-mounted piece of light-art that combines light with the action of moving liquid. When there is no one around, the piece is static, but a presence detector activates the transparent panel which then rocks gently side to side, creating an ‘inspiring and mesmerising’ fluidity of movement. The aesthetic of light travelling through moving liquid is inspiring and mesmerizing. It has a relaxing effect on people and helps them to cope with the stress of everyday life.

Light Light is made to order, price shown is for a standard size module. Custom sizes and liquid colours are available.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Norris Green Design
Materials Clear polycarbonate liquid filled panels, aluminium frame, aluminium di-bond fascias - White (other finishes available)
Dimensions 8 x 160 x 70 cm
Norris Green Design

Norris Green Design

Jamie Norris Green is an award winning designer/maker of original pieces of furniture and lighting fixtures. His winning luminaire design ‘liquid light’ propelled him into the lighting design industry where he has worked with some of the most famous architects and designers all over the world. Throughout his consultancy career Jamie has continued to develop a number of furniture and lighting designs resulting in a collection of unique pieces. His designs distinguish themselves from the mainstream by possessing strong connotations and narratives. The original designs have now evolved into small batch production runs utilising both modern and traditional manufacturing techniques and are now available to the public.


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