Lola and Burt First Class Love Bird Stamp Necklace

Product Description

Our own comical birds Lola and Burt are completely in love! Lola our bird has moon eyes, heart wings and a cute protruding buddah belly. Both Lola and Burt do not believe in modern technology, such as tweeting on Twitter or Facebook and love to communicate with each other via hand written letters! Hence, our loved birds form part of the iconic British first class stamp!

This pendant is not a flat pendant. The shape of the bird protrudes from the stamp, especially the cute bird belly. Along with a wavy stamp boarder.

*18″ (46cm)
*Gold plated twisted chain necklace
*Enamel gold plated pendant
*Go Jewellery labeling at the back of pendant
*Go Jewellery heart tag at closure
*Gift wrapped

1) Listing is for 1 necklace
2) Lola is the Red Bird Stamp
3) Burt is the Blue Bird Stamp

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Go Jewellery


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