Love Through Design x Haydanhuya Wooden Wallets

Product Description

Love Through Design have teamed up with Haydanhuya (meaning “Coming from God and going back to God”) to launch a limited edition wooden wallet collection made by hand in aid of Sky Rainforest Rescue and WWF.

The Amazon region is the biggest and most spectacular rainforest in the world. It sustains thousands of species and supports more than 30 million people but every minute an area the size of 3 football pitches is destroyed. You can help us supporting this cause. With the purchase of each wooden wallet, you could save 250 trees.

This unique wallet is ideal for credit cards, money, id and business cards. Each wallet is numbered.

width: 3,5″ / 95 mm
depth : 0.4″ / 10 mm
height: 3″ / 70 mm


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