Lovely Uma ! // Pack of 8 Kids Wall Stickers I Kids Wall Decals

Product Description

By creating giant wall stickers in detailed designs, e-glue brings illustration for kids to life with a range of contemporary graphic designs featuring favourites such as savanna, jungle, pirates, underwater world, train, robots, and many more ! Two versions are available : full sets (8 wall decals : 1XXL, 1XL, 2L, 4M) or half-sets (4 wall decals : 1(X)XL, 1L, 2M).

* Lovely Uma ! // full pack of 8 giant wall decals :
– giraffe (XXL) : 80 x 180 cm
– elephant (XXL) : 115 x 130 cm
– lion (L) : 110 x 80 cm
– monkey (L) : 60 x 110 cm
– birds family (M) : 50 x 70 cm
– bush (M) : 90 x 60 cm
– suricates 01 (M) : 40 x 60 cm
– suricates 02 (M) : 40 x 60 cm

You can combine all colours the way you want. Just specify them (dominant & secondary) during the order processing by exactly using the same names than ones from our colour chart.

All e-glue decals are made from solid colour material that is laser cut (not printed) into shapes. Colours are much richer and pure than can be achieved through a printed process. This material is also very thin and flexible, so it lays beautifully on surfaces for a realistic look as if it were painted on. The adhesive vinyl is already mass-coloured ; each colour is separately cut up and then hand-assembled. It significantly reduces the colours deterioration over time, allows to clean the stickers if need be and guarantees a safe environment.

Our giant wall stickers are made to order, according to the options selected by our clients, and sent worldwide within 7 working days. 
We use shock-proof parcels, for short and long haul. Sticker(s) are sealed in plastic film then rolled up in bubble wrap, packed in a round kraft tube then in a square one. We include into each package the instructions for medium and large decals, a scraper, and some little surprise gifts.

♥ Feel free to contact us for any further information.


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