Luminous deer trophy wall-sticker, ONE OF A KIND

Product Description

Luminous deer trophy wall-sticker,

(glow in the dark hunting trophy wall-sticker)

ONE OF A KIND ( wall-sticker ) is a surreal animal concept-art which glows-
in-the-dark like the imaginary animal in dreams. When it gets dark, the fantasy animal illuminates a soft, dim light as a mood-lighting for you to enjoy.

“ Don’t have to go out and hunt beautiful livings for the hunting trophy. Save wild-beauties before they get rare and become the last one of a kind. ”

Usage: wall-sticker
Size: 630 x 500 mm

*includes 1 deer wall-sticker with 1 bonus sticker
( the deer wall-sticker is divided into 3 pieces. When you place the wall-sticker on the wall, you need to put the 3 parts together. Please find details on the product. )

*To prevent return shipping to the origin, please make sure to leave your phone number on the order note for the safe post service to your address.

Additional Information

Manufacturer i3Lab. [i-cubed-lab]
Materials pvc sheet
Dimensions 63 x 500 cm


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