Maha black/cream

Product Description

Delicate and contemporary Maha rug designed by Maria Starling in black/cream will fit effortlessly into your room, with a nod to luxurious Moroccan interior style

Additional Information

Manufacturer Maria Starling Design
Materials 100% pure wool
Dimensions 150 x 240 cm
Maria Starling Design

Maria Starling Design

Surface design is one of the most important considerations when designing or re-designing a room.  These beautiful cement floor tiles designed by Maria Starling are stiking and just so beautiful.

Maria has created these designs in various colourways but is happy to offer a bespoke service which enables you to change the colours to fit your project.  The tiles are handmade in Spain using a hydraulic press. The colour surface of the tile is 5mm thick with a total thickness 1.6 cm creating a hard wearing tile.  The tiles are made from white marble dust white cement grit and colour pigment.  Each tile measures 20cm x 20cm.

We recommend using FilaFob Oil Proofing for Terracotta and Natural Stone to seal the tiles which will protect against stains and the FilaCleaner Floor Detergent for cleaning.  The Mediterranean Concrete Floor Tiles are suitable for use with underfloor heating.

The tiles are sold by the Square Metre which is 25 Tiles.  

Please note that the tiles are made to order by hand and there is a 6-8 week delivery time.


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