Make Do & Mend Vintage Handmade Shabby Chic Sign

Product Description

This lovely vintage sign featuring the nostalgic words ‘Make Do & Mend’ is one of our medium sized vintage collection and is available to order in a range of colours.

This sign is not only totally on trend, but is also very very stylish. Handmade from solid Redwood this products dimensions measure approximately 14cm x 36cm, and is supplied with a fixing kit for wall or door mounting.

This signs has been created to commemorate the fifty year anniversary of the introduction of this slogan by the British War Cabinet during the Second World War, and to pay homage the creativity and tenacity of women all over the world.

In Great Britain Clothes were rationed during the war just like food, petrol and soap. Clothing rationing in the UK began on 1 June 1941, hence this signs reference to ‘Recycling Since 1941’.

In 1941 every person in Britain was allowed 66 clothing coupons annually, which more or less added up to one complete outfit a year. Clothes bought from shops were designed to use as little material as possible. During this time a gentleman’s suit would have only three pockets, no turn ups, only three buttons, and a maximum trouser length of 48 cm.

Women’s dresses would have no elastic waist bands, no fancy belts, and for a night dress you would have to pay 6 coupons,16 coupons for a mans overcoat, 11 coupons for a dress, half a coupon for a handkerchief and 8 coupons for pyjamas.
Because of this women were encouraged to repair and re-make their family’s old clothes. Old curtains were cut up to make skirts and dresses, unwanted jerseys were unraveled and knitted into something else. Make up and stockings were especially hard to come by during this period and it became a fashion of necessity for well dressed women to draw a line down the back of each leg to give the appearance that they were wearing stockings

This sign will sit very comfortably adorning any space in the home, workshop or studio, and will stand beautifully freestanding on a shelf, or can be wall or door mounted using the fixing kit in any eye catching place of your choice.

As with all of our signs, all of our products are uniquely made. No two signs will ever be the same, each piece is carefully handcrafted, cut, planed, sanded and expertly painted and distressed by us to give our unique vintage finish. Only when we decide that this effect is perfect do we add our lettering. Finally a beautiful wax seal is applied to give your sign it’s long lasting finish so that you can enjoy your extra special piece for generations to come.

All of our designed pieces are individually hand stamped on the reverse as proof that it is a genuine product.

As all of our signs are totally handcrafted and handmade to order our usual turnaround time for dispatch is 7 – 14 days. However, given enough notice we will always try to prioritize signs needed sooner. Just let us know when placing your order.


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