Mandala Wall Light

Product Description

This highly symbolic piece carries the central mantra of “Be true to yourself” or “Nobody can teach you who you are” in life’s wonderful journey of personal self-discovery.

Mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘grasping the essence’. The origin of the mandala is the center, a dot, the starting point in which the outside energies are drawn and the individual’s own energies unfold. Its purpose is to remove the object-subject dichotomy. The birds depicted are symbolic of the freedom to be gained from such inner-outer balance. Traditionally comprising a series of geometrical patterns, a mandala can also be represented by using a single flowing line, with no clear beginning or end.

The five colours present in the tassel embody the principles of the Five Great Buddhas associated with the five delusions of human nature: ignorance (white), anger (blue), selfishness (red), greed (yellow) and envy (green).

Material: Perspex
Installation Options: directly onto wiring on the wall, or using transparent cable, switch and plug provided.
40W bulb: included
Dimensions: Width: 65 cm, Height: 35 cm
Shadow Projection (approx.): Width: 115 cm, Height: 65 cm




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